About Us


The purpose of this web site is to provide entertainers and those interested in hiring them a gathering spot.

Unlike other web sites that host videos, QuirkyMedia.com hosts only audition videos. This way the entertainers' auditions do not get lost in a massive sea of videos.

Why send us your video?
QuirkyMedia.com is free
QuirkyMedia.com has a single purpose (auditions only)

QuirkyMedia.com is open 24 hours a day, available worldwide




Privacy Policy

QuirkyMedia.com does not sell names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers or other contact info.


Other Legal Crap

All works submitted are assumed to be owned by the submitter (or the submitter has been given permission to submit them).

If ownership of a video is in question we will stop showing it until the submitter and the owner work things out and let us know the matter is settled.

If a video violates your copyright e-mail us the name of the video and your proof of ownership and we will yank the video as soon as possible.


QuirkyMedia.com policies may change without notice.